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Create the most balanced indoor climate, similar to a forest. This all-round service brings the best of nature, fresh air, into your building. For buildings with central ventilation, it’s the most care-free way to improve indoor wellbeing.

Reconnect with nature, all day, every day.

A service that brings you:

24/7 natural support

Beneficial organisms improve your well-being and overall happiness, just like in nature.

Higher building productivity

Your building as the happiest space to be. Nature has mighty advantages and your people will notice. 

Long term improvements

Creating your nature-like indoor environment reflects in a higher performance capacity and more motivation.

Smart building integration

You can follow up on the functioning. The service is online and remotely monitored. 

YUST, a happy building 

YUST is the first residence in Europe that got baptized to be a Happy Building! Starting from October 2019, the people at YUST co-housing can enjoy the benefits of nature throughout their day.  Flexible housing, unique events, food, drinks, and excellent services …

How it works

See how this works inside your building

A great diversity of micro-organisms is preferred to one single or dominating species. Therefore, balancing out the indoor microbiome with natural organisms is a perfect solution for creating a nature-like indoor environment.

Michel Van Veen, Technolab

Injecting natural organisms into the air ducts of a building is a clever way of restoring the indoor balance. In other words, a skillful way of connecting people with nature in their daily lives.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Verstraete

Bring nature inside your building

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