Bring nature inside

Your space fresh as a forest

You know a walk through the forest is good for your health. By bringing beneficial bacteria into the daily life of your building users has a positive effect of there wellbeing and overall happiness. Enrich your building with natures finest!

You spend 92% of your life inside buildings that are designed to keep nature out.

Modern way of living obliges you to spend 92% of your life inside built environments that are designed to keep outdoors out. While energy bills lower, a whole new level of indoor pollution is created.

This reduces your exposure to health supporting microbes, which are present in nature. Consequently, the way we design and operate the indoor environment has a profound impact on our health.

It’s time to get in touch with nature again to restore a natural balanced indoor climate. This is called microbial architecture. 

a Happy Building for more


Creating a high quality indoor environment reflects in a higher performance capacity and more motivation


A productive, healthy and natural indoor environment overrules an expensive car


A better workspace ensures higher job satisfaction and productivity


Hospitality taken to the next level. A more comfortable indoor environment improves your indoors experience


A balenced variety of organisms has a positive effect on your wellbeing and therefore your overall happiness 

We went digging in the soil

As a child you probably loved playing outside. Besides having the time of your life, this exposure made your immune system stronger. We went digging for the same organisms that did their job back in the days.

Spraying this mixture of beneficial bacteria into the air ducts, enriches the indoor space with a variety of organisms. This creates a natural balanced microbiome.

The automatic modular systems are installed as an add-on to the existing ventilation ducts. Contact us to know if your building fits.

It’s as efficient as it sounds

The good news, it’s absolutely possible to change the indoor microbiome. Bacterial ecosystems are truly amazing doing so. Given a little help they can make an incredible comeback.

One of the biggest shifts you’ll make is in how you see the outdoors. Instead of something to keep out at all costs, you will start to understand how beneficial interaction with nature is beneficial for your health.

How does TakeAir bio augmentation influence the biodiversity and structure of the indoor microbiome? Technolab, an external and independent VLA recognised laboratory, did a microbial analysis of the air assigned by TakeAir.

Download the report to see the results: (dutch report)

Creating happy spaces



puffs of take air a day

happy people

Happy visitors

Happy spaces to discover


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