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Breathe With confidence

Biospheric ventilation improves the lives of people by enriching the air in their hotel, office, school and care center.

Breathing is the new comfort 

To get people inside your venue.

the great switch

 The key to our humanity is microbial.  Just like it works in nature.

to your happy building

The way biospheric ventilation re-designs your ventilation system and what you breathe has a profound impact on your wellbeing and therefore, your overall happiness.


RECONNECT WITH your building users

Relaunch travelling 

You did everything to create an outstanding venue. You do what it takes to create a unique brand and attract loyal customers. Now you’re doing what you can to relaunch carefree travelling.


Attract talent

Become a pioneer in air treatment. You can give your employees the confidence that the air they breathe at work is just as safe and good as what they would find in nature.
Be the employer known for the healthiest air.

How we do it

We connect your ventilation to our fully automated air enricher. It injects beneficial organisms in the filtered air. From there our little friends create a 100% natural and protective biosphere for your building users.

Daycare centre brings forest to the kids 

If the kids can’t go to the forest, we’ll bring the forest to them! That’s Motena’s drive to get the TakeAir service. It’s been our pleasure to help them turn their daycare centre into a real indoor forest! Admit it, how could you not love these happy faces?

How it works

See how this could work inside your building

Nature indoors sure sounds tempting, doesn’t it? But how is this possible? Years of research and improvements lead to top-notch servicing, promising 24/7 monitoring and automated dispersion of natural organisms. From the forest to your indoor space in six steps or a quick video showing you the basics of our principle.

What others say about TakeAir: 

A great diversity of micro-organisms is preferred to one single or dominating species. Therefore, balancing out the indoor microbiome with natural organisms is a perfect solution for creating a nature-like indoor environment.
Michel Van Veen

CEO, Technolab

Injecting natural organisms into the air ducts of a building is a clever way of restoring the indoor balance. In other words, a skillful way of connecting people with nature in their daily lives.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Verstraete

University of Ghent