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Reconnect people with nature

1. Cultivating nature’s finest

Beneficial soil loving organisms grow in the controlled environment of our laboratory. 

2. Bring beneficial organisms indoors

Prepare for maximum comfort, nature is on its way! These organisms are injected into the air vents.  

3. Creating a happy building

The human desire to reconnect with nature gets answered. This has a positive effect on wellbeing, productivity, and happiness.

Imagine spending 92% of your life in nature

As a building owner, you have the ambition to attract and hold on to motivated and engaged people. Therefore making efforts to create the best possible space to be. 

You know natural environments support well-being. Above all, we humans carry an innate need to seek connection with nature. However, buildings are designed to keep outdoors out.

Imagine an indoor environment similar to a forest. Improving indoor environmental quality increases comfort. Today, this human desire for nature gets answered. Reconnecting people with nature encourages productivity, well-being, and overall happiness. We do this with the use of beneficial organisms. 

The benefits of a Happy Building

24/7 natural support

Beneficial organisms improve well-being and overall happiness, just like in nature.

Higher building productivity

Your building as the happiest space to be. Nature has mighty advantages and your people will notice. 

Long term improvements

Creating a nature-like indoor environment reflects in a higher performance capacity and more motivation.

Smart building integration

Our service is online and remotely monitored. You can follow up on the functioning. 

Improving the Indoor Environmental Quality

Microbes were the first form of life on earth. The power of micro-organisms exceeds that of all other organisms in the tree of life. Both in numbers and total biomass. A balanced microbiome, whether it is inside our body, outdoors or indoors, is essential.
From ventilation to temperature, lighting, heating, design, and so on, you are probably doing everything right! But the Indoor Environmental Quality
 (IEQ) is standardized to what you can see, feel, and experience. The more significant obstacle though, is larger than the eye can see – well, smaller actually. You can fully restore the natural balance, and that is where we come in.

Discover TakeAir

Happy Building provider

Breathing, playing, and digging in the soil is profitable for your health, research proves this. But our modern, sterilized life in sealed-off buildings and homes is likely not. Above all, researchers have already found clear evidence that childhood exposure to outdoor microbes is linked to a more robust immune system. Connecting people with nature in their daily lives is a logical change to make. Nature’s calling, and TakeAir is its intermediary.

A great diversity of micro-organisms is preferred to one single or dominating species. Therefore, balancing out the indoor microbiome with natural organisms is a perfect solution for creating a nature-like indoor environment.

Michel Van Veen, Technolab

Injecting natural organisms into the air ducts of a building is a clever way of restoring the indoor balance. In other words, a skillful way of connecting people with nature in their daily lives.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Verstraete

Bring nature inside your building

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