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Want to get more out of your building? Time to go the extra mile and provide a workspace for maximum productivity, happiness & comfort. Creating the happiest building worldwide. 

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The indoor climate determines how you feel

The modern way of living obliges us to spend 92% of your life indoors. These buildings are designed to keep outdoors out! 

While energy bills lower, a whole new level of indoor pollution is created, reducing our exposure to health supporting microbes which are present in nature. Consequently, the way we design and operate the indoor environment has a profound impact on our health.  

It’s time to get in touch with nature again to restore a natural balanced indoor climate. This is called microbial architecture. 

A better workspace for more


Happy employee wants to get the best out of himself. This is reflected in a higher performance capacity.


There are more mature ways to approach talented people than to wave them with a nice car and high premiums. 


A finer workplace ensures higher job satisfaction and productivity.


The indoor quality is influencing the decisions of your guests, members and clients.


A healthy environment creates a 😄 person reflecting towards a higher performance capacity overall 

Cherry on the cake for your indoor climate

This innovating technology diffuses favorable micro-organisms in your air-ducts. The solution to bring the good of nature into smart buildings.

By spraying a mixture of beneficial bacteria – which occur in healthy soils and water – into the air ducts, the indoor space gets enriched with a variety of organisms. This creates a natural balanced microbiome.

The automatic modular systems are installed as an add-on to the existing ventilation ducts.  Contact us if you want to know if your building fits.

It’s as efficient as it sounds

The addition of favorable bacteria into your building will effect the happiness on the workfloor and people visiting your building. 


Creating happy spaces



puffs of take air a day

happy people

Happy visitors

Happy spaces to discover


Time to create your own happy space

Be one of the healthiest buildings

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