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Housing project YUST – press

In spring 2019, YUST opened its doors in Antwerp. The housing project combines a restaurant, private rooms, hostel, and lofts for long-stay in one stylish building. Now, YUST succeeded to be the first residential building in Europe to collaborate with TakeAir to create an optimal indoor climate. This way, staying at YUST is just as beneficial for your health as a camping night in the woods.

This collaboration got much attention in the media. On this page, we gather all media reports for you to figure out. Are you interested in more? Go to the YUST x TakeAir page for the full roadmap.

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Forest air in your hotel room

If you’re looking for some healthy forest air you recently won’t have to go looking for a forest anymore, you’ll find it in a hotel in Antwerp. The brand new hotel and cohousing project YUST is the first residential building in Europe that spreads healthy bacteria through its ventilation system. Beneficial bacteria that obviously improve the indoor environment. 



“Whether this healthy air actually is as fresh as they say, we can only take for truth. Even so, I do believe the air to be as good and clean as the air outdoors, like when I’m camping with a tent. After waking up at YUST, my terrible cold miraculously vanished!

Take it from me that the TakeAir-system does its job perfectly fine.” – Flair Belgium




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