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YUST Antwerp

The Happiest hotel in the world

An environment for building community and uniting people.

Flexible housing, unique events, food, drinks, and excellent services with a baseline of art and culture. It’s a blend of short and long-term living, located in an emerging neighborhood in the heart of Antwerp. YUST Antwerp offers a place within places, surrounded by a full offer of common facilities, allowing you to share daily routines with other souls.

Enrich your mind & knowledge and connect with others.

Talk to strangers!

YUST x TakeAir

How nice can a cooperation sound: “Just take care” and that is precisely what this is all about. Simply taking care of who matters most. For YUST, this is the people. YUST and its innovative way of operating exceed all expectations when it comes to comfort for their visitors. Therefore, the integration of TakeAir at YUST Antwerp was a self-evident choice to make.


Telling the story is an important part of our service, follow the roadmap for more details:

September 2019


One of YUST Antwerp’s most significant assets is its rooftop. First of all, it offers the most amazing view of the center of Antwerp. Secondly, the installation of the TakeAir service that can be found up there.

Our device is attached to the central heating system from where the micro-organisms get injected throughout the entire building. A happier space is created!

Swipe through👇🏽

Swipe through👇🏽

Online announcement

It’s important to spread the word! The announcement of YUST as our new clients was all over our social media, and with this page also our website.

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Why YUST? 

YUST wants to give people the flexibility to live wherever they want, for how long as they want & relieve them from any imaginable household activity. Members can exchange their homes: spend one week in Amsterdam and two months in Brussels while enjoying all the comforts of home.

A young, dynamic team that aims to give you the perfect stay that you will always remember. Always ready to help you with a smile.

Would you like to spend a night at YUST Antwerp?

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Happy Building?