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Motena brings forest to kids

“If the kids can’t go to the forest, we’ll bring the forest to the kids”, Motena Roeselare wants to make this 100% true and created a whole new project around it! They will introduce green elements, plan courses around nature awareness and let the kids benefit all of natures goods. The launch of this project was announced with the service of TakeAir. It’s their first action towards a more natural indoor environment. For Motena, a step towards a healthier way of care and education, for us the first Happy Building in healthcare. 

Truth is that these kids spend most of the day inside the daycare centre, and only go outside when the temperatures allow it. Even though we all know playing outside is extremely beneficial for our children, it’s simply impossible to let them do so. Kids generally spend 8 hours a day at the daycare centre or schools, leaving them no choice but to stay indoors.

Motena refused to accept this “inevitable fact” and took action. They launched what can be called: operation nature. The whole building undertakes a metamorphosis. By bringing more natural elements inside like a green wall to educational material. Motena chooses to stimulate contact with nature!

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Daycare centre Motena brings forest to kids

“The service of TakeAir is part of a bigger picture that perfectly fits the Motena mindset: We want to introduce nature indoors by adding more green elements, natural air and lighting. All this to create a healthier environment for our kids, employees and all visitors.”

– Bart Wenes, Chairman Motena

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