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Microbiological report:

The indoor climate enriched with benficial organisms

How does TakeAir’s bio augmentation influence the indoor climate? That’s a question we must have heard over more than a thousand times. Though it seems as an easy comperative study, it takes a while to get the details just right!

  • What’s a microbiome?

  • Microbial sampling

  • Research by Technolab

First thing first: what’s a microbiome? 

Microbiome is the community of microorganisms in a particular habitat. Humans, animals and plants all have their own unique microbiome, but so do environments like soils, oceans, forests and cities.
Everything you see is surrounded by what you can’t see: microorganisms. Each group at a specific habitat composing a microbiome of its own.

Microbial sampling

Beside the standardised measurements like temperature, humidity, fine dust or any other standardised component of the indoor climate. Microbial sampling is focussed on mapping every microorganism that’s present. These are biological compounds such as bacteria, fungi, virusses and dust mites. 

Research by Technolab

For this research we analysed 2 different spaces within the same building. One floor with TakeAir unit and one floor without. Download the full report for more details.

Technolab is an external and independent  VLA recognized laboratory and specialised in microbial airsampling.

Independent VLA recognized laboratory

The measurements were executed at one of our current clients by Technolab, an independent VLA recognized laboratory.

Measurement protocol

Samples were taken according to the VLA measurement protocol: Indoor Climate advice Measurement protocol Utilities sector

Contact samples

14 different samples were taken on 2 floors in the same building. 

Microbial research report 

Download the report here


Want your own space sampled? 

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