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Happy Building

Certificate for a naturally upgraded space

By 2025, the number of megacities – counting more than 10 million inhabitants – will almost have doubled. By 2050, the number of inhabitants living in urban areas is expected to increase by more than two-and-a-half billion.

Buildings these days foster unbalanced indoor microbiomes. You see, in an attempt to make buildings more energy-efficient, they’re made as air-tight as possible. While this does lower energy bills, this also created a whole new level of indoor pollution, drastically reducing our exposure to health-supporting organisms present in nature.

We spend over 92% of our lives indoors. We are becoming the indoor generation. So almost all of our life form exposure occurs inside buildings.

What is a Happy Building?

Shortly said: a Happy Building is one that restores indoor microbiological balance. This makes the indoor climate a richer and more nature-like environment similar to the air in the heart of a forest.  Buildings that make these changes and efforts get baptized as Happy Buildings.

Does this make no sense to you? Dig into what is a microbiome to get some background information.

More than air quality

 The current Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) requires facilities for lighting, ventilation, thermal quality, moisture, noise, and air quality. It is standardized to what we can see, feel, and experience. Oddly there is no sign of microbiological stability. This lack of detail in current standards is a problem that we can not overlook! Two reasons:

Firstly, indoor air quality is exceptionally unnatural! Natural environments like a forest count an enormous diversity of micro-organisms, and that’s precisely what makes nature so beneficial for your health. Indoors we filter out everything harmful – which is necessary – but also organisms that are beneficial to us. Leaving you indoor with air that is poor of organisms. Enhancing the possibility for microbes to proliferate.

Secondly, we humans carry an innate need to connect with nature. We extend from it. A Happy Building lets you take a walk through the microbiome of a forest all day long. The benefits of spending more time in natural environments are inevitable. (Nature makes you happier)
Why is this important?

Why a certificate?

Solutions for the indoor generation 

You know, even outstanding constructions need extra adjustment  to all needs for human health. While many solutions have been found and already applied, we still upgrade the air that we breathe. Which, most importantly, has a significant effect on our health and well-being.

One of the biggest shifts we want you to make is in how you see the outdoors. Instead of something to keep out at all costs, you will start to understand how interaction with nature is beneficial for your life.

Sustainable solutions for greater health

There is a massive demand for biotech solutions that improve human and environmental health. For this, it is necessary to adapt our lifestyle to build a sustainable environment for ourselves, our children, and grandchildren. With this certificate we start the awareness on the impact of the indoor climate, providing our battle with ready-made solutions. 

Nature makes you happier!

Reconnection with nature enhances creativity and clarity of thought, improves well-being. Natural indoor environments provide opportunities to live and work with greater overall health. Nature simply makes you happier!

How to achieve a Happy Building certificate

Restoring natural balance indoors requires the right installations for bioaugmentation. How can you create this natural balance in your everyday space?


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Happy Building?