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About us

Our motive

Make the indoor like breathing in nature. 

“One of the great ironies of all is that, in many cases, the healthiest thing you can do in terms of your built environment is basically to make it more like the outside,” (R.Dunn.).  In many ways, sealing up houses tighter and tighter, trying to kill everything and keep it clean, took us pretty far down the wrong road.   

The environment you’re in has a large impact on your wellbeing. Natural environments are beneficial for your health and even healing. This impacts how you feel, generally making you a happier human being. We humans carry an innate need to connect with nature. Even though we know that the great outdoors is, well, great for our wellbeing, we keep the door shut when it comes knocking.

Imagine being in a building that creates an favourable indoor biosphere.  buildings that support your immunity system and suppress potential airborne contamination.

Meet the team

The TakeAir team shares a strong motivation for the indoor climate and a diverse mix of skills.  Alongside the core team stands a strong network of collaborating laboratories, researchers, examinators, investors and believers.

We’re constantly experimenting, learning and evolving. We share results and are driven to make a change. Our goal is to create buildings with a biosphere of their own, producing a healthy indoor and outdoor climate. Married with best practices in sustainable and environmental architecture.

We gladly welcome like-minded people that see the importance of a qualitative indoor space. TakeAir embodies to create this thanks to a diverse and stable indoor microbiome.

Do you have an environmental change you’d like to discuss or would you like to find out how we work? Get in touch!

Jo Pannecoucke

Founding Father

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Simon Vanmaekelbergh

Marie-Paule Coryn

Thomas Leten

Technical Orchestrator 

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We envision a nourishing, highly productive and comfortable built environment. As we’re stimulating awareness we still require acceptance and engagement from our community.

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